Sober Living Plano

Home History

1117 Lakestream Drive
Plano, Texas 75075

We bought this house in early 2017, strapped it full of beautiful furniture, brought in a reputable manager, and set into plan the existence of our new Plano location. Yes, the home itself is beautiful. Yes, there is tons of interior room, a spacious back and front yard, modern furniture and fully equipped technology. But the people inside are better. This house was finally opened in late 2017 and it quickly became a staple in our properties. Aside from accessibility to freeways, jobs and recovery meetings, this home had something even more special: a place to belong. And today it still does. Offering the most in a short walk from home, our Plano location should see many more bright years to come.

Just like our other properties, the house isn’t what matters. It is just a physical place. The homes themselves do not represent value. What does represent value is the change that happens inside each one of us. Come join our family.

  • Family Support 
  • Gym Membership
  • Daily Meetings
  • Job and Life Skills
  • Personal TVs and Internet
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Work Out Supplements
  • Work Out Program
  • Nutritional Programming 

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