The Sober Living Watchdog


WHO IS the watchdog?

After his release from TDCJ, Connor was given a new lease on life by Real Deal. Now he's giving back.

As the Watchdog, Connor will be keeping a close eye on all residents from the beginning to the end of their stay at Real Deal. The Watchdog will find appropriate counseling, contact families weekly and make sure each resident is progressing and reaching his full potential.

Connor before and after recovery


"I was released from TDCJ with my life in complete shambles. My finances were shot, my family had given up hope on me, I had little to no hope of not going back to prison soon. I had one last chance. I had the opportunity to move into a Real Deal house and give recovery a shot. When I moved in and saw the promises coming true in so many other young men’s lives, and through them I knew what had to be done. My willingness combined with the structure, community, accountability, and all around positive morale of Real Deal began the change that has become my life. Real Deal has been such a positive influence in my life I would now like to devote all of my efforts into helping as many men get the same compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and positivity that was so freely given to me. My life has changed drastically since I moved in and today I am proud of the man I am. I am no longer ashamed of who I am but instead comfortable and very eager to grow more. I am an addict of the hopeless variety and Real Deal put the necessary tools at me feet to Recover from a seemingly hopeless state.

None of this would be possible if I hadn’t been introduced to Real Deal. My experience has taken me to many different places allowing me to connect with a broad spectrum of people. Luckily, I am able to use my abilities, my strengths and weaknesses, to watch and guide others achieve their true potentials. I am grateful to not only be a part of the transformation of the residents, but to watch entire families recover. I will continue to be a grateful witness to those brave enough to find a life of purpose, positivity and happiness."